#Treadlift – Review what is it

Published in Reviews on 22nd August 2017
#Treadlift – Review what is it



Looking work out package to stay fit? Concern about your body posture? Looking good is good business they say,  without a  perfect and fit body, looking good can be a little bit difficult to achieve. With Treadlift (Treadmill + Dumbbell –based  exercise solution), you are a step closer to achieving that perfect body you desire.

Features of Treadmill + Dumbbell

Treadlift (Treadmill +Dumbbell- based Exercise) Solution work out package is delivered via PDFs, video tutorials, photos for each exercise and information to your fitness level. With Treadmill + Dumbbell solution work out, you have full access to 36 full- length workouts , all 30 minutes or less designed to be done with minimal equipment for intermediate to advanced exercisers.


About the Author

Treadmill + Dumbbell- based Exercise Solution is created by Jill Coleman, a certified personal trainer with masters in clinical nutrition. With experience in the fitness industry that has span through 18 years. From personally training of thousands of clients using the techniques included in TreadLift to competing in figure competitions as well as writing over 600 articles on fitness nutrition. She has also competed in figure competitions, likewise triathlons and half-marathons, She has seen it all when it comes to body fitness.

With her personal fitness Philosophy Less is more, it’s possible to reach a point of diminishing returns with your exercise, identifying that perfect spot is very essential. If you train intensely, and use rest strategically, 30 minutes is all you need.


Why Treadlift ?

  • Designed to boost exercise adherence, through results and ease.
  • Treadlift makes exercise enjoyable
  • Result oriented within the shortest of time

Getting started and package

Getting started with treadlift is as easy, with a confirmation mail sent to you after purchase, you will have access to a download or Access Button. Click on it you will be directed to a Thank You page that will give you access to an online membership portal. Log in with your username and password and you are good to go, you will have access to the workout, the videos tutorials as well as all the overview information, photos for the exercises and the suggested 12- week programming schedules fro BURN, BUILD and BUILD workouts.




36 full length workouts

#treadLift contains 36 total workouts, broken up by goal

  • 12 BURN Workouts (fatloss)
  • 12 BUILD workouts (muscle gain)12 BOOST Workouts (cardio endurance)
  • All workouts are combinations of treadmill and dumbbell.Photos and Videos TutorialsWith over 65 weight training exercises, trust me, they are simple. No crazy equipments needed.The general knowledge about a work session being long and complicated is not true. Photos and videos have been included to make you get familiar with any new movements.

  • 12 weeks programming Calender This is well planned work out sessions that covers the BURN, BUILD and BOOST. With 12 weeks calendar programming, you known when and what to do per time. Though you are free to choose which one comes first, preferably you can start with BUILD first, follows by BURN and completes it with BOOST.With various testimonials Treadlift is no doubt a perfect workout package fro you. 

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